Nabil Kherfan

Nabil Kherfan

Father. Small Business Owner. Policy Analyst.

About Nabil

Nabil and his family sitting

Born and raised in Fresno, Nabil went to local Central Schools. He received a Bachelor's Degree from UC Santa Cruz, but returned home to make a difference in his community. Currently, Nabil and his partner reside in South-west Fresno where they plan to raise their 7-year old daughter.

Experienced Leadership

Nabil has been involved in our community as an active volunteer with Beautify Fresno and serves on a Central Unified Subcommittee. In his day job, Nabil works at Fresno City Hall to boost our economy and create local jobs, in addition to running his own consulting business.

Fighting for Central

Vocational Education & Job Training

Nabil will fight to expand our vocational education programs, ensuring our students have the skills needed for the jobs available in our modern-day work force.

Nabil talking with students

Improving Graduation Rates

Nabil will always put students first. He will ensure students have the resources to thrive in the classroom, whether they choose to pursue higher education or a trade.

Nabil walking with his partner and daughter

Fiscal Responsibility

Nabil will be a good steward of our tax dollars. As a small business owner, he will ensure every tax dollar is spent wisely.

Nabil talking with a student

Get in Touch

Questions? Contact Nabil at: